Boarding House 2
Boarding House 2
Boarding House 2

Boarding House 2

92 min
Joon-hyeok is getting ready to pass the exam for 9th rank government worker. As it is his third attempt, he has to pass the exam for sure that time around. He becomes to dwell at a boarding house, which is part of the father measures to aid his son. But what has been awaiting for Joon-hyeok from the house wasn't the text novels, but the two ladies that are free-spirited. Joon-hyeok begins his cohabitation with Ah-jeong, the owner of the house, who is full also Dal-lae, a nurse, that exudes sex appeal by body and her face. Ever since that time, Joon-hyeok starts to devote to study women perhaps not his novels.

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Duration92 min

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