The Girl with No Number
The Girl with No Number
The Girl with No Number

The Girl with No Number

101 min
Phuong Ly, a poor but lovely Vietnamese woman, falls in love with an attractive, kind, and affluent gentleman who want to marry her. Her life appears to be great until her boyfriend's mother sabotages their relationship on purpose. Phuong Ly, who is heartbroken and vulnerable, moves to Ho Chi Minh City to work as a cleaner at a marriage agency. There, she meets Mitch, one of the men arranging marriages. He develops an intense interest in her and coerces her into marrying him on the promise that he will support her family in Vietnam and provide her with a better life. Phuong Ly, however, quickly discovers that she has been sent to America as a slave. She is abused and violated with no means of escape. The only glimmer of hope is the link she forms with the American's young autistic niece; both of them are prisoners in need of freedom.

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Duration101 min

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