Alien Psychosis
Alien Psychosis
Alien Psychosis

Alien Psychosis

74 min
Ryan O'Neil, a war veteran who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result of his combat wounds, goes home to his pregnant wife, Stephanie. While her husband has been serving the country, her brother Tony, a dishonest cop, has been assisting her. Ryan and Tony have never gotten along, and things heat up when Tony tries to interfere with their marriage. However, as Ryan begins to see flashes and visions of killers, extraterrestrials, and other bizarre things in his house at night, he is unsure whether or not they are genuine. Stephanie, who is already on edge with Ryan, is alarmed by her husband's conduct. Ryan will soon discover who is tormenting him in his nightmares as the days pass. (IMDB)

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Duration74 min

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